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Minkštasuolis Magnes II skirtas įvairių tipų ir dydžių interjerams.Minkštasuolis Magnes II skirtas įvairių tipų ir dydžių interjerams.

Magnes II

Magnes II is a modular seating system perfect for public spaces. The system’s flexibility ensures free arrangement and configuration possibilities. Magnes II is a perfect solution for interiors of various types and sizes.

The designer who created this line:

Designer of Magnes II

The price depends on the configuration and is calculated according to the specific project.

For more detailed information – contact info@musonas.lt


Magnes II is a flexible system. It is perfect both for large spaces and small interiors. The Magnes II line includes seats, tables, two-sided armchairs and other components that maximise the interior’s functionality with a minimum number of elements. The stable and solid structure ensures long-term utility, while the upholstered elements make the seat exceptionally comfortable. The varied range of colours of the upholstery materials allows interior designers to realise any of their visions.

Modular soft seating Magnes.Modular soft seating Magnes.

Magnes II, the space and your imagination – those three elements are all it takes to create an extraordinary arrangement.
The wide product range offered by the system makes Magnes II a perfect match for any interior. It can fill an open hallway in a modern office block, and just as easily fill the space of a small corridor. Most importantly – it does not dominate the interior but smartly highlights its character.

Different configurations are offered:

Modular seating system Magnes II.

Available Magnes II model options:

Modular seating system Magnes II.Modular seating system Magnes II 103.Modular seating system Magnes II 101.

Modular seating system Magnes II 111.Modular seating system Magnes II 200.Modular seating system Magnes II 201.

Modular seating system Magnes II 203.Modular seating system Magnes II 211.Modular seating system Magnes II 450.

Modular seating system Magnes II 490 W.Modular seating system Magnes II 490 Z.Modular seating system Magnes II 501.

Modular seating system Magnes II 502.Modular seating system Magnes II 580 ZD.Modular seating system Magnes II 600.Modular seating system Magnes II 601.Modular seating system Magnes II 300


The system Magnes II is made up of 14 components functioning as seats, linking modules and small tables.

Seats and linking modules

Seat frame and sides, also serving as armrests, are made of 18 mm fine chipboard class E1, melamine double-coated. Seats can be upholstered with fabrics dedicated
for sofas, from groups: 1 – 5. All modules of the Magnes II system are available with adjustable glides as a standard feature. System components can be linked with special furniture connectors.


Small mobile table made of chrome plated (high gloss) or powder-coated in Traffic white (wt), Jet black (ral 9005) or “Fashion collection” colours metal frame.
The desktop of the small table is made of plywood and lacquered in colours: 3.0A8 (white) or 3.097 (black).
Dimensions: 410 × 330 mm
Writing tablet height: 536 mm

Magne II table.

Linking module

Linking module with upholstered structure, writing tablet and multimedia sockets. Side elements are made of chipboard laminated on both sides, with plastic edge finish. Writing tablet column is high gloss chrome plated; the writing tablet (360 ° rotating) is made of plywood lacquered in colours 3.0A8 (white) or 3.097 (black).
Height adjustable feet (adjustment range± 7 mm) as a standard feature.
External dimensions: 220 × 500 mm
Module height: 440 mm
Writing tablet height: 710 mm
Writing tablet dimensions: 280 × 545 mm

Magnes II table-02

Bondai-BN Era-CSE Lucia-YB

Oflum-OL Sempre-SM Sempre Melange-SMM

Felicity-FLG Radio-RD(X)FValencia-VL

Xtreme-XR Melamine Laminate for Magnes II table

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