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Acoustic furniture system HexaAcoustic furniture system Hexa


The Hexa modular seating line can be used to create a unique system that will work almost in every workspace, complementing its functional and aesthetic qualities perfectly. It helps create a hub that ensures acoustic isolation and section off zones that improve relationships between people. This ensures private meetings and a better flow of information and exchange of ideas.


Mac Stopa

Designer of Hexa modular seating line- Mac Stopa.

The price depends on the configuration and is calculated according to the specific project.

For more detailed information – contact: info@musonas.lt


Acoustic furniture system Hexa. Good business often requires being able to talk in private, in a serene atmosphere with minimal distraction. Unique areas where important matters can be discussed are a must in every workplace. It does not have to be a conventional conference room. When planning your office, it is a good idea to design a quiet space, a relaxed hub in which even the most complex of issues can be deliberated in private.

Thanks to its acoustic qualities, acoustic furniture system Hexa can become a great “phone booth.” The special structure of the sofas cancel out exterior background noise and makes a quiet phone call possible, even in a bustling office. It not only blocks the noise coming from the outside, but also reduces the reverberation inside.

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Hexa modular seating line

Sometimes we all need to take a moment for ourselves. Private space is a very individual requirement. Hexa can adapt to various spaces: from modern offices to absolutely unconventional spaces. It always provides tranquillity, privacy and a moment of relaxation.

The modular Hexa system allows the creation of an almost unlimited number of configurations. Upholstered sofa without partitions or upholstered with partitions of different heights. Thanks to the modular structure of the system, the workplace will be equipped according to the needs of the employee.

Different configurations are offered:

Hexa table 52Hexa table 72Hexa 110

Hexa 11RHexa 11LHexa 112

Hexa 010Hexa 120Hexa 12R

Hexa 12LHexa 122Hexa 020

Hexa 210Hexa 21RHexa 21L

Hexa 212Hexa 220Hexa 22R

Hexa 22LHexa 222Hexa phone booth

Hexa phone boothHexa phone booth with electrical portHexa 222E

Hexa stool

Hexa modular seating line

  • Solid wooden structure.

Hexa modular seating line.

  • Legs made of round tube, chromium plated or powder-coated versions.

Hexa modular seating line.

  • Chromium plated adjustable glides (± 10 mm).

Hexa modular seating line.

  • Hight backrest.

Hexa modular seating line.

  • Low backrest.

Hexa modular seating line.

  • Round electric port.

Hexa modular seating line.

  • Possibility to combine different upholstery colours on a single module.

Hexa modular seating line.

  • Hexa phone booth embroidery.

Hexa modular seating line.

Hexa finishes-01Hexa finishes.Hexa finishes.Hexa finishes.

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