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Ergonominė kėdė Duett su dvigubu atlošu.Ergonominė kėdė Duett su dvigubu atlošu.

Duett HRU

Unique design ergonomic office chair Duett HRU with synchronous mechanism for work and leisure.

Overall dimensions (H×W×D): 700 × 700 × 1380 mm.

Warranty term: 60 months

Weight 22 kg
  • 24/7

    Kėdė pritaikyta ilgalaikiui sėdėjimui

  • Sėdynės gylio reguliavimo sistema

    Ypač aktualu ilgesnes kojas turintiems naudotojams

  • Lumbar support

    Atlošas turi papildomą horizontalią juosmens atramą

  • Reguliuojamo aukščio atlošas

    Galimybė reguliuoti atlošo aukštį pagal poreikį

  • Reguliuojamas kreipimo standumas

    Atlošo kreipimo standumo valdymas

  • Anti-shock

    „Anti-shock“ mechanizmas, neleidžiantis atlošui trenktis į nugarą, kai atleidžiama valdymo rankenėlė

  • 5 fiksavimo padėtys

    Galimybė fiksuoti sėdynę ir atlošą 5-iose padėtyse

  • Reguliuojamo aukščio porankiai

    Reguliuojamo aukščio porankiai - aukštyn ir žemyn

  • 4D Porankiai

    Keturių matmenų (4D) reguliuojami porankiai

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.


For those who have not yet experienced a good feeling of sitting, trying to reduce back pain and prevent its occurrence, we suggest you to try a unique ergonomic chair Duett HRU. This chair is distinguished not only by its unusual design, ergonomic features, but also by the fact that the backrest of the chair is divided into two, independently moving parts, which reduce the spine load and perfectly adjust to the bends of your body. In addition, these chairs are not only adjustable for the seat but also for the backrest height. This feature allows people of different height to feel comfortable in the chair even after a long sitting. This chair also provides the ability to adjust the seat depth and 360 ° rotating armrests, which can also be widened to increase the sitting area. This allows the user to determine his or her most comfortable sitting position with the help of a few handles. For maximum comfort, the chair also has a headrest that can be lifted or lowered and, if necessary, changed its heeling angle. But there is more! This chair has a relaxation position that allows you to lower the backrest of the chair by 120 ° and enjoy a minute of rest in order to achieve total relaxation over long periods of time.

Lumbar support

  • The backrest is made up of two different flexible parts that adapt to the needs of those who work for long hours to the maximum and provide the back support needed for the spine;

  • They move independently of each other, so the load on the sitting spine decreases.

Seat and backrest

  • 3D high quality tapestry that will be easy to clean;

  • Double back helps to reduce spine load and adjusts to the bends of the seat.


  • The fabric is upholstered in a soft headrest specially shaped for the human bent neck. Can adjust up and down and change its inclination angle.


  • The chair has a high quality Italian synchronous mechanism Donati, so the seat and backrest fluctuate synchronously in a ratio of 1: 2, which means, if the seat is curved 1, the backrest will be tilted by 2 degrees. This system helps to maintain a correct spine position, as the backrest is always close to the spine;

  • For good spine posture, the depth of the seat can be individually adjusted according to the needs of the seat. This is especially needed for users with long legs so that the chair fully adapts to the user and gives maximum seating comfort;

  • The seat and backrest tilt is adjustable by a synchronous mechanism to accommodate the needs of the seat and the correct position of the spine.

  • This chair also has an anti-shock function that protects the back against a sudden shock to change the seat backrest.


  • Three-dimensional (3D) armrests are universally designed for easy adjustment at 360 °. They also adjust up, down and sideways.

The base of chair

  • Metal chrome plated.

We provide a 60-month warranty for this chair. The warranty is effective from the date of purchase. A purchase document is required to prove the purchase.

The chair has been carefully manufactured and thoroughly tested before delivery to meet the standards and stringent quality and safety requirements.

The 60-month warranty covers the entire chair construction and mechanisms and defects in production.

The warranty does not apply if the product has been collected and used not in accordance with the instructions, improperly stored, damaged, broken, cleaned by improper means or otherwise used for any purpose. The warranty does not apply to the natural deterioration of the product or to changes in its properties, any damage and scratches..

The warranty is also void if the chair has been modified, repaired, or attempted to be repaired by non UAB Musonas.

Should be noted that:

  • The chair is designed for seating and for one person only;
  • The chair is designed for use in dry indoor areas only on level floors;
  • It is forbidden to stand or stumble on the chair;
  • After getting the chair dirty, clean it immediately;
  • If you feel any part of the limp during sitting, loosen the parts immediately. At least every 3 months check that all bolts are tight and the chair is stable;
  • Protect the chair from moisture and mechanical damage;
  • It is forbidden to use the chair if any part is broken or lost.

Want to see and try this chair? We invite you to visit one of our salons in Lithuania. First of all, we recommend that you contact the chosen salon beforehand and check whether it is possible to test your chosen chair at the desired time. Our consultants will be happy to help you choose the most suitable and comfortable chair.

Musonas showrooms are located in major cities of Lithuania:

  • Vilnius
  • Kaunas
  • Klaipėda
  • Panevėžys

You can find contact details and addresses here.

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