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Updated chair collection – Promax HRU


Updated chair collection – Promax HRU. Introducing the new Promax line of professional and ergonomic office chairs. It is a chair with a unique double-layer backrest structure that supports the user’s back in various positions, in proportion to the user’s bending force. The high quality mesh guarantees quick release of heat and humidity, creating a comfortable seating environment. The chair is equipped with a synchronous mechanism which allows locking of the seat and backrest in 5 positions.

Precise, even backrest stiffness control with Anti-shock allows us to always sit securely and feel comfortable in any position. Seat height is also adjustable. The seat depth can be individually adjusted for good spine posture. Padded mobile headrest – adjustable forwards and backwards – lifts down and up for maximum comfort for your head. Three-dimensional (3D) adjustable armrests provide comfortable support for wrists, elbows and forearms; armrest cushions made of soft durable polyurethane.

Warranty 4 years. Special price during the delivery of the chair. Updated chair collection – Promax HRU  the best choice for everyone! You are welcome to come and try it out.

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