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After designing and manufacturing, we will install theatrical chairs for you. Humphrey – the price of chairs depends on the set and is calculated according to a specific project.

Please contact by phone +37065591122 or e-mail info@musonas.lt

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Theatrical chairs “Humphrey”. The cost of chairs depends on the set and is calculated according to a specific project. Please send you a draft of your hall and we will provide you with the most suitable offer. Certified product.

It is convenient to sit:

Movie lovers love comfort, and theatrical chairs “Humphrey” give it. A person can comfortably fit on a large seat. The ergonomic backrest was designed in such a way that even sitting for many hours it does not hurt the back. Armrests upholstered in ergonomic shapes will also give comfort and allow you to focus all your attention on the film.

Resistant to stains:

The materials from which the Humphrey chair is made are resistant to stains. They also do not absorb fluids. For a movie theater chair, this is a great feature.

Material quality:

From other chairs, the Humphrey chair is distinguished by multi-layer upholstery, for which technology is used, how the fabric is tied to foam. The chair is resistant to deformation and intensive use. Durable fabric.

Features, functions and materials

  • Design: middle leg with welded seat and backrest holder and maintenance-free seat swinging mechanism; the armrest holder is made of a round pipe and is fastened separately with screws; the base is welded to the bottom, and there are 4 holes in it for fastening the chair to the floor with screws.
  • Steel parts: painted in black (RAL 2005) powder.
  • Seat: made of laminated wooden slab and ergonomically cast foam. The back of the backrest is protected by black plastic protection.
  • Chair armrests: made of durable wood, covered with foam rubber and upholstered on all sides.
  • Seat weight: Humphrey – approximately 27 kg.

Available accessories

Numbering of queues:

  • round electric bulbs for numbering rows of chairs, tubular incandescent bulbs;

  • black roundplates of Astralone (Ø 70 mm), engraved in white, with a font size of approximately 30 mm, may be with or without a black plastic console;

  • pasted (flok), height 40 mm, white font;

Seat numbering:

  • pasted (flok), height – 20 or 30 mm, white font (suitable only for upholstery fabric “Genua”).

  • embroidered height – 20 or 30 mm, white font;

Cup holder: made of fiberglass reinforced polyamide; fastened with screws to the front of the upholstered armrest; diameter: approximately 110 mm.

Cover: a cover upholstered on all sides, built into the built-in armrest of the last chair in the row.

Rack between the chairs: made of solid or laminated wood, which is painted and covered with a double colorless layer of polyurethane varnish. Fastened to the armrests of the chair with corner brackets.

The backrest is made of an ergonomically shaped laminated beech wood profile and soft foam rubber; corresponds to the lines of the human body, is upholstered in dyed fabric.

Fastening options

  • Straight rows of unlimited length.

  • Fastening arch.

  • Separately standing one or several combined chairs.

  • Smooth floor.

  • Sloping floor.

  • Stepped floor.

Dimensions (mm):

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