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After designing and manufacturing, we will install theatrical chairs for you. The cost of chairs depends on the set and is calculated according to a specific project.

For further information please inquire by phone +37065591122 or e-mail info@musonas.lt

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Auditorium seats Oscar. The price of auditorium seats is calculated depending on a specific project. Please send to us the project of Your auditorium and we will make You the best offer.


Simplicity and elegance:

Beauty styled in a classic form – that’s the Oscar. Created by Charaziak Design Studio with a view to an exclusive setting, theaters, cinemas, opera houses and other places where art is valued first and foremost.

Functionality and comfort:

With the long hours spent on listening to lectures, seating comfort is essential at university. The contoured backrest, large comfortable seat and armrests help students to focus on the words of the lecturer.

Acoustic qualities:

Artistic performances, lectures and films need to deliver perfect audio. The acoustic qualities of the Oscar allow for better reception of audio in concert halls, lecture theatres and cinemas.

Features, functions and materials

  • Supporting structure: the steel frame is encased in aesthetically pleasing metal lacquered casing.
  • Seat: steel frame of the chair is encased in polyurethane foam with excellent mechanical qualities.
  • Backrest: made of profiled plywood. It has an upholstered pad filled with polyurethane foam.
  • The back of the backrest: can be upholstered or made of multi-layer top quality plywood.
  • Armrests: ergonomic solid wood, in three optional lengths: Comfort, Mid and Slim.
  • Legs: metal powder coated legs permanently fixed to the floor.
  • Glides: metal chromium plated.
  • Automatically folded seat.
  • Installation options: the armchair is fixed to the floor with legs or fixed to step riser (Oscar Levi).
  • Armchair weight: 26 kg, each next in a row: +19 kg.

Optional Accessories

Numbers on rows and seats: number plaques are attached to the armchair with aluminium rivets, ensuring durable fastening.

Chair Oscar with Numbers on rows and seats

Upholstered headrest: improves the comfort of use, provides sitting comfort and adds the armchair an even more prestigious character.

Chair Oscar with upholstered headrest

Durable plastic cover: protects the back of the backrest against damage.

Chair Oscar with durable plastic cover

Foldable desk top: made of plywood, available models for right-handed and left-handed users.

Chair Oscar with foldable desk top

Mobile sled-base armchair: the armchair stands on stable sled base. As it is not permanently fixed to the floor it can be easily moved. It is excellent for all areas where to other fixing method can be used.

Chair Oscar with mobile sled-base armchair

Approvals and certificates

  • Fire class:

Fire Class for flammability of upholstery furniture as per standards PN-EN 1021-1:2006 and PN-EN 1021-2:2006 issued by a certified laboratory.

Fire Class for toxic emissions of combustion products as per standard PN-88/B-02855 issued by a certified laboratory.

  • Hygiene approval:

Hygiene Approval issued by the National Institute of Hygiene.

  • Strength approval:

Strength approval for safety of use as per standard PN-EN 12727:2004.

  • Sound absorbing characteristics: the armchairs have been tested for their sound absorbing qualities with and without audience as per standard PNEN ISO 354:2005, Acoustics – measurement of absorbed sound in an echo chamber.
  • GS certificate.

Fixing options

  • Straight rows of unlimited length
  • Free-standing single or multi-seat sets
  • Flat floor
  • Sloping floor
  • Stepped floor
  • Stepped floor – high step (Oscar Levi only)
  • Stepped floor – low step (Oscar Levi only)


Chair Oscar Slim dimensions

Chair Oscar Mid dimensions

Chair Oscar Comfort dimensions


Oscar Levi model (slim / mid / comfort):

Oscar Levi model (slim / mid / comfort):


Chair Oscar Levi dimension.



Teatrinės kėdės "Oscar".


Teatrinės kėdės "Oscar".


Teatrinės kėdės "Oscar".

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