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Teatrinė kėdė Tiago Aida.Teatrinė kėdė Tiago Aida.



We will design and assemble theatrical chairs for you. The price of the chairs depends on the set and is calculated according to the specific project.

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The price of auditorium seat Tiago is calculated depending on a specific project. Please send to us the project of Your auditorium and we will make You the best offer.

The most emblematic feature of Tiago line is its elegant, plain form. Four different versions of this auditorium armchair allow better adjustment to a particular venue and customer’s needs. Tiago provides a wide range of finishes in order to easily adapt it to various projects and it is a great choice for both modest and spacious halls.

Simplicity and elegance:

Beauty styled in a classic form – that’s the Tiago. Created by Charaziak Design Studio with a view to an exclusive setting, theaters, cinemas, opera houses and other places where art is valued first and foremost.

Variety of choices:

The most characteristic feature of the Tiago line is its elegant yet simple and light form. Thanks to a wide range of upholstery fabrics, it is possible to give the armchairs a classic or modern look. An interesting effect can be achieved by combining the upholsteries with wooden elements. The armchair width is adjusted individually to the requirements of a particular space. It is possible to equip the armchair with a tilting backrest that provides users with greater freedom of movement.

Acoustic qualities:

Artistic performances, lectures and films need to deliver perfect audio. The acoustic qualities of the Tiago allow for better reception of audio in concert halls, lecture theatres and cinemas.

Features, functions and materials

  • Supporting structure: the steel frame is encased in aesthetically pleasing metal lacquered casing.
  • Seat: steel frame of the chair is encased in polyurethane foam with excellent mechanical qualities.
  • Backrest: made of profiled plywood. It has an upholstered pad filled with polyurethane foam.
  • The back of the backrest: can be upholstered or made of multi-layer top quality plywood.
  • Armrests: ergonomic solid wood, or upholstered.
  • Legs:  legs permanently fixed to the floor.
  • Automatically folded seat.
  • Installation options: the armchair is fixed to the floor with legs.

Tiago Aida

A classic line of fully upholstered chairs with a characteristic rectangular leg. These models can be equipped with a fixed or tilting backrest. The armchairs are also available with a foldable
desktop that has an anti-panic function, which can be hidden inside a leg.

Tiago Aida.

Tiago Aida.

Tiago Aida

Tiago Carmen

A line of comfortable, fully upholstered armchairs whose unique character is highlighted by beech armrests covers. They can be made of wood that matches the colour of the hall. The natural material is pleasant to the touch and ensures comfortable support.

Tiago Carmen.

Tiago Carmen

Tiago Etiuda

The Etudia line provides simple forms and exclusive wooden finishing elements. The back edge of the armchair leg and the backrest create one line that rises above the backrest cushion. Both the plywood legs and the backrest can be covered with a natural veneer, which gives the armchair an unusual and prestigious look.

Tiago Etiuda.

Tiago Etiuda.

Tiago Fosca

The Fosca line is characterised by a high and very comfortable armchair backrest. The armchair also looks impressive as a fully upholstered version. The most eye-catching elements of the line are the rounded armrests.

Tiago Fosca.


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