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Minkštasuolis LinkUp yra aptrauktas gobelenu.Minkštasuolis LinkUp yra aptrauktas gobelenu.


LinkUP ensures quick and easy space arrangement. Chaise longues and armchairs can lean on each other, create rows or be put separately. In each case, they uncover new possibilities and offer an interesting visual effect. The comfort of use is increased by a seat made of foam and the possibility to fit it with a power or USB socket.

The price depends on the configuration and is calculated according to the specific project.

For more detailed information – contact info@musonas.lt


The LinkUP line consists of armchairs and chaise longues with a detachable cushion. The elements are characterised by a light and simple form. They also offer countless arrangement possibilities. Thanks to soft materials and fillings, the line helps employees relax and facilitates informal meetings, at which the best ideas are often born. LinkUP will work well in an office library and a relaxation zone.


Using creativity and imagination, it is possible to create interesting arrangements when putting together different elements of the LinkUP line. By arranging armchairs and chaise longues in an alternate manner, in a circle or separately, you can add a unique character to each space.

Soft seating LinkUp

The LinkUP line consists of two models – an armchair and a chaise longue. Both models have a durable wooden structure.
Carefully selected density and thickness of the foam provide comfort of use. The foam used in products from the LinkUP line is fire retardant.
Each model is equipped with black wooden glides.

Soft seating LinkUP.

It is also possible to equip each model with an electric port:

Soft seating LinkUP.

For one model you can order only one electric port. The available location of the electric port is presented in the pictures below:

Soft seating LinkUP

The LinkUP armchair and chaise longue are available in many types of upholstery. When configuring a product, it is necessary to define the seat (F1) and the seat sides (F2) upholstery colour, while in the case of the chaise longue – also the cushion upholstery colour (F3).

Soft seating LinkUP.

The chaise longue can be equipped with a cushion that increases comfort of use. The cushion consists of foam and upholstery fabric.

The cushion of LinkUP.

It is possible to use upholstery with stitching on the upper seat surface in both models from the LinkUP line, which gives an aesthetically pleasing 3D effect.

Soft seating linkup_detal_3d

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