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Akustinė sienelė Sileo puikiai sugeria garsą.Akustinė sienelė Sileo puikiai sugeria garsą.


Sileo (silentium is Latin for silence) is a line of soundabsorbing and sound-insulating panels designed to provide offices with actual acoustic comfort. In addition to the functional benefits, Sileo panels create visually attractive compositions – one more reason why Sileo is worth talking about.

For more detailed information – contact: info@musonas.lt or +37065591122


Acoustic wall Sileo – spending time in a place filled with constant noise causes problems with concentration and decreases employees efficiency. A lot of people working together in a small space, ringing telephones and conversations held in a passageway not only distract from work, but also have a highly negative influence on working conditions. Taking into consideration the increase in the number of noise sources and their diversity in contemporary offices, we should pay special attention to acoustic aspects and not only visual ones when designing a space.

The use of acoustic solutions from acoustic wall Sileo not only helps reduce the echo effect in a particular room. It also allows for creating a unique and cozy place that gives employees the feeling of acoustic comfort. The implementation of solutions help us improve the comfort of working. Also the reduce surrounding noise is becoming as important as the need to create a practical and functional space which is beautiful at the same time.

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Possible layout configurations:

Sileo wall panel.Sileo suspended panel.Sileo desk panel.

Available color configurations:

Sileo acoustic panelSileo acoustic panelSileo acoustic panelSileo acoustic panel


  • Pencil box;

Sileo accessories- pencil box.

  • Horizontal document (A4) shelf;

Sileo accessories- horizontal document shelf.

  • Binder shelf;

Sileo accessories- binder shelf.

  • Magnetic board with a pencil tray;

Sileo accessories- magnetic board.

Sileo wall panelSileo Vertical wall panelSileo mobile panelSileo Suspended panel

Sileo two suspended panelsSileo three suspended panelsSileo desk panelSileo desk panel with a strip

Sileo workbench panelSileo workbench panel with a stripSileo S sqaure wall panelSileo S horizontal wall panel

Sileo S vertical panelSileo S suspended round panelSileo Suspended square panelSileo tower freestanding panel

Sileo tower freestanding panel (T2)Sileo S1 office wallSileo S1 office wall on castorsSileo S2 office wall

Sileo wall turnSileo wall turn leafSileo levelsSileo Pro panels

Sileo suspended panels.Sileo acoustic wall panels.Sileo desk panels.

Sileo acoustic panels.Sileo acoustic panels.Sileo acoustic panels.

Sileo acoustic panels.

Panels dedicated to managerial and boardroom meeting rooms not only increase their acoustic comfort but also embellish and raise their rank. They are inspired by modert art and their wide range of finishes guarantees a fit to any space.

Sileo Pro panels.

The models of acoustic walls: Sileo Turn and Sileo Turn Leaf, are entirely rotating panels, with colourful, catchy design. By separating the space, they are both an interesting and original decoration.

The wall panels are composed of 6 and 3 elements; each of them can rotate independently at 360°. Thanks to the possibility of multiple colour combinations on one wall, different colour concepts can be created, and the stable and solid base holds the wall in place.




Step_Step Melange finishesSynergy.LDS_

Sileo metal finishes.Blazer finishes

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