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Minkštų baldų sistema Tepee su medinėmis kojelėmisMinkštų baldų sistema Tepee su medinėmis kojelėmis

Tepee L

Meet Tepee – a modular system consisting of sofas, office walls and tables. A line that will work in any space, providing a coziness and functional character. Tepee design speaks for itself.​ The simplicity of the individual elements combined with the comfortable seat offer a functional complement to waiting rooms and canteens.

​Where interactions are born, special support is needed. The Tepee line enables many configurations and rearrangements so you can create the perfect meeting place that is easy to modify when the need arises in the future​. A corner for your morning coffee, waiting room, relax or concentration area or perhaps a space for individual work? Decide for yourself on which level will you go and what way do you want to arrange your work environment.​

The need of privacy, the specifics of a particular workstation or the necessity to arrange a space that is not always tailor-made. Tepee is the perfect solution in every case. The walls can be used to create quiet zones for individual work or to section off and arrange mini-spaces. A well-designed office offers real support for employee development.​ Wooden structural elements, panels made of felt and the unique design of the sofas create a friendly, homely atmosphere. A safe, private place to rest and regenerate​.

Designed by  Hilary Birkbeck


The Tepee system of upholstered furniture can become the highlight of each waiting room, recreation or meeting area. After all every institution, company or public space first meets the visitor in the waiting room. And a perfectly composed first impression is a straight path to a loyal working relationship.

This furniture system allows you to easily create furniture of your desired configuration according to the available space. It matches the colors to the existing interior or enliven it with new ones.

Wooden accents give this line luxury and quality. It allow you to fit the furniture not only in large, but also in small spaces. They fit into already existing furniture or create completely new spaces.

A rich selection of tapestries and leather allows you to adapt the furniture to the specifics of the company or public space. If it is an institution where many people visit it is very practical when the piece of furniture is easy to clean. In closed offices it is possible to combine tapestries with felt inserts. As well it can come up with other combinations that will maximally fit into the spaces.

Upholstered furniture system Tepee – gives you the freedom to choose your desired furniture configuration without limiting your own or the designer’s fantasies.

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The Tepee line is distinguished by a rich selection of available furniture configurations for the needs of each client. We present a few of them, but the piece of furniture you want may be completely different – it depends on your wishes. Regarding the color, size or arrangement of the desired piece of furniture, please contact us by phone +37065591122 or by e-mail info@musonas.lt and we will help you create the furniture you want.


All models of sofas are made of durable metal-wooden construction. The seat of the sofa rests on a metal frame, to which round legs are attached. The legs are made of beech wood and a white or black powder coated metal profile. Convenience of use is ensured by properly selected foam of suitable thickness and density.


Sofas with partition

Sofas are equipped with a thermally formed felt partition, which is located at 3 different heights. A felt partition is attached to the back of the sofa using a vertical part of veneered plywood. The board is additionally stabilized with a connector made of durable beech wood.


The top of the table is made of chipboard, covered with HPL laminate on both sides. The upper part is attached to a frame made of durable beech wood. The base of the table is a metal frame to which round legs are attached. The legs are made of beech wood and a white or black powder coated metal profile.


The partitions consist of a plate made of thermoform felt sheet and a vertical one with a metal leg. The vertical part is made of veneered plate, which is designed to stabilize the panel. Partitions are supplied in the form of separate versions or versions for integration, which allows you to create different layouts.

Tepee’s work space

The workplace consists of a partition and a work table, the upper part of which is made of 25 mm melamine double chipboard. As an additional option, media ports or sockets can be installed at the top, which allows you to direct the wires.

Electrical and computer network panel

Separately offered softball models, tables and Tepee workstations can be equipped with the following electrical panels:
– OE Electrics PIX – electric panel for Tepee softballs;
– OE Electrics Pluto, an electric panel for tables from the Tepee system
– OE Electrics Pixel , an electric panel for the Tepee workstation.

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